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Most simple jobs cost under $500 and take up to an hour but before we can give you an accurate quote for your situation, we will need to check the following:

The ladder and the balcony or window must be in a same vertical line.  This is to allow the top of the ladder to rest squarely on or against the balcony rail, or window sill, or wall just below the window sill.


We need a space in front of the property equivalent to a standard car to put the hoist. The distance between the wall and the base of the ladder must be no more than approximately 10 metres. The lift works better the closer it is to the vertical plane.


There must be no overhead power lines and trees or other obstacles

overhead or to the sides of the truck. Even if it appears that the lift could operate through a gap in trees or under power lines, it is important to remember that the lift needs room to manoeuvre into that position. There must be a clearance of at least 3 metres between power lines and any part of the lift or its load.



By far the easiest way is to send us a couple of digital photos by e-mail to together with your phone number. We can then call you to find out exactly which window or balcony is concerned and other details.

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