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Lift-Up-N-GO are the furniture hoist experts. We are the only company in Melbourne that has the equipment to lift large and bulky items up to your home such as sofas, building materials and records, through your apartment’s balcony in a smooth operation with no need for access to inside stairs or elevators.  


As result we cut the hours and labour of a traditional move which can often need 3-4 people to carry heavy items up and down stairs. We lift 300 kg up to 33 metres (approximately 10 storeys), to your window or balcony. We operate in the Melbourne Metropolitan Area only.

Lifting up new 3 Seater Conterto Sofa, a wine bar and a 58 inch Led TV to a 5th floor high rise apartment in the Docklands. Phew!


If you are wishing to move furniture on your own or have hired a removalist and can’t get something through the front door, give us a call. We’ll come as soon as we can to help you out. 


Our efficient way of lifting your heavy goods up to your balcony ensures that your items will be delivered carefully and securely to your apartment, quickly and without damaging inside house walls or inner lifts.


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We subcontract to major removal companies and many of the smaller ones too. Using the lift is fast, safe and efficient.


  • It saves on the back-breaking work involved in lifting heavy or bulky or multiple loads up and down stairs.

  • Lifting on the outside of the building means there is less damage done to the items being moved as well as to the internal corridors, stairwells and lifts.

  • No need for expensive cranes

  • There are health and safety advantages to working with the lift

  • The lift is a far safer way of moving furniture externally, particularly when compared with the practice of hoisting using straps or ropes

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This is a lifting job we did in North Melbourne. Our happy customer got his bed, TV  and furniture into his apartment with the use of our external lift.

We service domestic and commercial builders all around Melbourne helping builders to lift up heavy windows in no time!!! 


In the building industry we work for both large and small builders.  We offer a variety of lifting solutions for the building industry with the hoisting of plasterboard sheets being a favourite request.


  • Our lift has been used successfully to lift 7-metre lengths of roof sheeting up to a roof and 3.6-metre lengths of plasterboard – though larger sheets of plasterboard would be possible with timber underlay.

  • Use us when cranes are limited or too big for the job.

  • We can get into places cranes can’t.

  • Larger sheets of building materials such as plasterboard and plywood can be passed up safely and efficiently.

  • There is no need to order smaller sheets to fit through narrow doors, lifts and stair wells which saves construction time as fewer joins are necessary.

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